There is no "secret sauce" when it comes to athletic training and performance, but we believe in TEACHING first...and the results will come later.

We begin all training sessions with an in-gym assessment of where each athlete currently is, (including data on speed, power, quickness, agility & body composition) and find out where they want to go.  

All of our training centers around proper form, function, and technique for each exercise and lift.  We educate not only HOW to do it properly, but also WHY.

All training is accompanied by nutrition education by a Registered Dietician/Certified Sports Nutritionist:  teaching every athlete how to properly fuel their bodies, and get the results they desire.  

 Our athletic sports training programs are designed and led by Certified Personal Trainers with 40+ years of training and coaching experience.  

No "one size fits all" lifting routine here.  We mix strength & power, movement & agility, speed & quickness, and explosive performance in our gym.  

We do this by combining scientifically proven reps and sets of bi-lateral movements, multi-plane exercises, stretching, hypertrophy, cardiovascular health, isometric, concentric, eccentric holds, and complex movements, and more. 

We offer functional training to help athletes of all ages accomplish their goals to find THEIR success.

Every athlete defines their success differently.  

Whether it is overall speed, quicker 40 yard dash, a higher vertical jump, increasing their bench/squat amount, faster agility testing....we help them PERFORM.

Our athletes are equipped with the tools needed to accomplish the goals they are seeking in gym training....and they put it into action in their daily lives, both in athletic competition and off.

Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Track, and many other sport athletes have had their training put into action on the field/court and performed in ways they didn't even know possible!